Paris Hilton extends her brand to Mecca

Young entrepreneur Paris Hilton has once again shown to the world that her success in the area of fashion is growing steadily. Paris opened her 5th fashion store in Makkah Mall, in the Holy City of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Following the inauguration of the store, where her hand bags and other items would be on sale, Paris Hilton happily tweeted to the world about the same. Her tweet went viral and, as usual, it sparked a chain reaction of comments from fans, critics and other folks.

The famous socialite has been known worldwide for her reckless behavior and even for the alleged involvement in a sex tape scandal. This reputation has remained with her up to this moment although she may have changed a lot. Her past has a very significant repercussion on her present success and on the criticism that she receives. With the launching of her new branch in Mecca many critics had the worst to say about it. Some were very surprised to see that Paris was granted permission to go as far as to open a branch of her store in the Holy City of Mecca. Others considered the event as that of western invasion and an attempt to impose western culture in the Middle East.

Nevertheless, other fans and defenders of Paris commented that people should not merely see the celebrity since her reputation is not what matters; they claimed that her brand is an international brand and as such, it should be sold wherever she wants. Others commented on the fact that this is not the first store that she has opened in Saudi Arabia, so even if it’s the City of Mecca, there isn’t much of a difference. Others simply stated that whoever considered that act to be that of foreign invasion should refrain from doing international trade and commerce.

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