Paris Hilton Expanding Her Business Venture

Many responses were posted following the announcement made by the socialite, Paris Hilton, who tweeted about the successful opening of one of her store branches in the Holy City of Mecca. Paris Hilton who has had a very stained past with cases of temporary imprisonment and sex tape scandals now faces the harsh reality of criticism. Mecca is known for its religious pilgrimage, where the population believes in Islam. They would certainly have a bit of criticism of the brand in the back of their minds knowing the reputation she holds. Nevertheless this is not her first attempt at fashion lines – the young entrepreneur has launched her handbags and accessories lines in many other countries.

The store was inaugurated in Makkah Mall in Saudi Arabia and marks the opening of the 5th branch in the country. With so many branches in one country one can infer that the publicity and sales must be at their optimum levels so as to venture on to the next branch. A picture of the store was released on the Facebook page of the Makkah Mall. Comments posted by fans and followers on the Facebook page as well as via Twitter were of mixed opinions. Some of the followers seemed outraged by the news and posted comments requesting an answer regarding the reason why a religious city where pilgrimage is done would allow someone of her character to open a store there. Other followers commented in favor of the entrepreneur claiming that the brand is known internationally and should not be seen in the light of religion and country. Others claimed that those who view her initiative as one of imposing western culture on Arab nations should not establish trade with the rest of the world as they do.

Regardless of the criticism Paris Hilton continue to boast about her venture and maintains high expectations of success.

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  1. jil says:

    She is way better making porn movies…

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