New Paris Hilton store in Makkah

Paris Hilton has once again undertaken the venture of opening her 5th store of handbags and other accessories product lines in Makkah Mall, in the City of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This has been another successful mission for Paris as she seeks to continue the legacy of her grandfather who was very successful with the Hilton Hotels as most of us may remember. Her personal announcement came via the highly utilized social media site “Twitter” where she happily expressed that the venture was a success.

The announcement however sparked a lot of criticism as many followers saw the venture inappropriate given the lifestyle and reputation that Paris Hilton currently holds. She is infamously known for her sex tape leaked videos and imprisonment. Her reputation may have finally caught up with her because the comments go back to that period – it shows that fans and critics never forget! Many commented that in no way was she supposed to be given the opportunity to open a store in the Holy City of Mecca because of the her reputation. Most of the fans saw the negative comments as being merely naïve and religiously based. They concluded that the brand was more than just a person – it is an international brand that merited the title of success and that has been sold all over the world. Other fans added that the critics who thought that introducing western brands in eastern countries was sign of cultural invasion lack the vision of international trade and should stay away from trading themselves. It is very obvious that Paris Hilton’s reputation is the main cause of nearly all of the negative comments, but that definitely is questionable once consumer satisfaction is achieved! Merely commenting on her past lifestyle and not relating in any way to the quality of products that she sells would not convince customers to stop buying. The fact that she happily speaks about opening a 5th store in the same country simply means that she is reaping the rewards that she has aimed at.

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